January 1: Rent due

January 5: Late fee

January 14: Springfield Symphony, 7:30 p.m.

January 14: Second Saturday ArtWalk, 1-5 p.m., downtown Springfield

January 20: “9 to 5: The Musical,” Landers Theatre, through Feb. 4

January 28: Q102 Winter Brew, 1 p.m., Ozark Empire Fairgrounds


If you have an emergency involving heat, air or a major water leak, please call (417) 864-6303 immediately. For all other repairs and concerns, please log in to your Rent Cafe account to submit a request for service.


When it snows, please remember when parking in front of the buildings, do not pull up too close to the sidewalk. It makes it difficult to clear the snow.


Cody has worked for Bryan Properties for 6 years on the maintenance team. He was born and raised in Hartville, a small farming town in Missouri. He recently got married. On his days off, Cody enjoys hunting, fishing and pretty much anything outdoors.

Cody Branstetter


A few snow signs and superstitutions for you:

  • A white Christmas predicts a green Easter.
  • There will be eight more weeks of winter if a groundhog sees his shadow on February 2.
  • If you see an arch in the sky (blue under the arch and dark above), there will be snow or precipitation in the next 24 hours.


If you haven’t yet, please register for your Rent Cafe Resident Portal account. You can submit a maintenance request, make a payment and view your ledger. Coming soon … renew your lease on-line.


1. Write your resolutions on paper and tape it to a place where you will see it daily

2. Mark your calendar. Set deadlines as you tackle each step towards reaching your goal.

3. Start as soon as possible. Purchase the necessary equipment or literature to help you keep/meet your resolution.

4. Find a role model. Is there someone you know who has succeeded in fulfilling an ambition similar to yours? Let that person be a reminder that it is possible to achieve your goal.

5. Check your progress regularly and give yourself an occasional reward for your efforts. Make sure the reward isn’t contrary to your resolution; celebrate a cigarette-free month with a weekend trip, or a new outfit, not a cigarette!

6. Inform your friends and family of your goals, and recruit them to regularly remind and support you in your endeavors.

Tip: Don’t sweat the setbacks; persistence is the key.

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