A downtown parade … a wonderful life … and winter break for the kids

December 1: Rent Due

December 5: Late Fee Applied

December 9: Downtown Springfield Christmas Parade, 2 – 4 p.m.

December 10: Second Late Fee Applied

December 17: “It’s A Wonderful Life” at Gillioz Theater

December 22-Jan. 2: Public school winter break

December 25: Christmas



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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips:

  • Keep your car keys in your hand and be aware of your surroundings,
  • Do not leave packages visible in your car or trunk.
  • If you are shopping alone, ask security to escort you to your car.

Improving The Community

LOTS OF improvements in 2017 at The Carlyle, including freshly painted decks, balconies and stairwell bannisters. We’ve also put in brighter parking lot lights for your safety and security. Thanks for all your positive comments! One thing we ask: Please take your trash bags to the Dumpsters; don’t leave them on your deck or outside your front door. Trash bags attract stray animals. Be considerate of your neighbors, please. It only takes a minute to put your trash bags in the Dumpster. Thanks for your help!

Parking Lot

Please notify our office if you have changed your telephone number, job, car, etc. It is important that we have a phone number to contact you in case of an emergency.

If you know someone looking for a great place to live, recommend The Carlyle! If your friend rents with us, you will receive $50 in rent credit! Please make sure they use your name when they contact the office! Call to learn more: (417) 864-6303

We offer several convenient ways for you to pay your rent. You can bring it to the office; if the office closed, slide it through the door above the lock. Or you can sign up for an online account. Or you can mail your check to 840 S. Roanoke Ave., Springfield, 65806. Be sure you put your apartment number on your payment.

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